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Hip Hop recording artist, Ron A.P., grew up in South Jersey and later moved to Philadelphia. He is an artist currently recording with Dutchstylez Productions. Ron has worked as a musician, writer, actor, and photographer. He Started making music in 2002.  He took a hiatus from music after joining the military in 2007. He is an Intelligence Analyst in the United States Air Force. He resumed making music in 2017, releasing the first project, “Love Addict” in 2018.   His current project “City of Love” was released in November, 2019 . He shares his feelings, stories, and experiences through his songs, connecting with listeners on a much deeper level. In addition to the personable and edgy songwriting value that Ron puts into his music, his releases are also quite distinctive because of the sheer quality of the production. It is obvious that he puts so much passion and work into what he does, and even if he spent quite some time away from music when he was trying to become a member of the special forces, he ended up reprising just where he left off, making new music with a newfound passion for the songwriting craft. His sound is influenced by Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye West, B.B. King, Muddy Waters.

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